Break off your Relationship with Comparison…ASAP!

Comparison is the Thief of Joy” I absolutely live for this quote by Theodore Roosevelt. It describes quite clearly the negative effects comparison can have on your life, personal progress and self worth.

Up until a few years ago I lived my life always measuring it up to other people. I valued their opinions, their values and lifestyles over my own. I remember being riddled with self hate wondering if I was at all good enough. One of the areas that took a real hit was how I viewed my Body. I would compare myself to my friends or others in the modeling industry and lose appreciation for my own body. Living like that was so mentally debilitating and became a huge blocker on my life for many years.

I am grateful that is not my story today. I was fortunate enough to have embarked on a body positive journey that started 10 years ago at a local Plus Size Beauty Pageant in my City. I continue to surround myself in environments and with people that encourage my positive growth and personal self expression. Doing this feeds my confidence and silences the need in me to constantly compare myself to others. Healthy relationships and environments help me reinforce my confidence and keeps me in a space of Joy.


If you ever find yourself in a place of constant comparison, do yourself a favor and look at your surroundings and the people you let speak into your life. It may be time to do some personal inventory, just to so you can simply remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH.


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