Introducing: Blogging Tip Tuesdays!!!

Hey Fellow Style Mavens,

So I had the esteemed pleasure of speaking at a really cool event called “Curves, Class and Cocktails” hosted by Toronto based Body Positive Activist and Model Tessanie MowattI was floored by all the interest surrounding blog creation. So I decided to have a series on my Blog and on Instagram called “Blog Tip Tuesday’s.

Believe it or not I have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into my Blog and Brand The Stylish Reid. I wanted to know how the cyber industry worked and I utilized my time to work with professional coaches, attending online classes and investing to ensure I created something I loved and that is professional.

I am happy to say that the fruits of my labour are finally blossoming and my Blog is well read and acts as a source of income for my household. I want to show other fabulous individuals what to do, how to do it and do it right!

So me join me on Instagram tonight and each and every Tuesday for the next few weeks as we get into the tips, tricks and secrets of Social Media, Blogging and a little bit of Branding.

Follow me on Instagram @Thestylishreid. We go live starting tonight 9:30pm EST.

The photo below is a throwback I shot with one of my favourite retailers SexyPlus Clothing…and it’s me laughing because I’m about to bust the industry secrets wide open for you…and for free!

See you Tonight!!! *Smiles*

Curvy Black Dress

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