Like Water For Chocolate…

Love has been the topic of choice that has dominated my mind these last few months. I have found myself on the outside looking at many different relationships and wondering, what is it that I REALLY want?

I have Friends getting married, cohabitating, making babies and others throwing the best break up parties EVER! I wonder about relationships, why they end, why they start and just where do I fit in the spectrum? or do I even want to fit in the spectrum at all?!?! (Lemme stop playin’ I so want in on that spectrum ya’ll lol)

I recently had an amazing conversation with a good friend about some of my favorite books, I recalled one of my favorite love stories “Like Water For Chocolate” which is a popular Spanish love story written by Author Laura Esquivel.

The story is about a woman named “Tita” who is deeply in love with a man name “Pedro.” Without giving too much away “Tita” is forbidden to marry her true love due to family tradition, so she expresses her deepest love for him in her cooking.

I thought back to that Novel because it mirrors so much of how I personally express myself with love. I may not tell you everyday, but I sure hope you can feel how much I love you by the way I make you feel. (Future boo take notes zaddy *flirts*)

This outfit post is my homage to “Tita” a beautiful Spanish Senorita yearning to be with the one she loves… I can relate girl *smiles*


Photo Credit: Elliot Parrott

Outfit Details: Top is from Suzy ShIEr (Sold Out) but similar (HERE), Skirt (HERE)

***this post is not sponsored, just a simple creative look to share a fun thought***

Love and Blessings,


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