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I was in GREAT denial when it came to the topic of “Thigh chafing!“I did not want to discuss it or admit it was something I suffered from.  I remember some of my Friends would openly talk about their struggle with chafing all the time, I would listen with empathy but coin it as only “their” issue.


Truth is, I just did not want to admit there was yet ANOTHER FAT ISSUE, attached to my identity. I never heard smaller sized Friends talking about thigh chafing, so of course in my mind it had to be a “FAT BODY” thing! So I simply ignored it.


Yes, you read right. I ignored it! I consciously ignored the Burning, the Blisters, the Sores, and the Pain until eventually my inner thighs developed a Callus….yep! not cute kids! That Callus then came with a gang of other issues. I then became insecure about my inner thighs due to the discolouration between them and so on. This ongoing self hate cycle went on for years!…until recently.


A few months ago one of my “Succulent Six” Sisters told me about Thigh Society, aa few weeks after that conversation I was gifted the opportunity to do a promo campaign with them. Since then I kid you not, I now love this product!!!


Thigh Society is an Anti chafing slip short designed to provide relief for Thighs that like to touch. Through working with this brand I have now come to realize that “Thigh Chafing” is not just a ‘FAT BODY’ issue, it is a “HUMAN BODY” issue. People of all shapes and sizes experience immediate relief after using this product.


I am all the way here for their new caramel colour (featured in the photo above).

Do you experience Thigh Chafing? If so, what are your go to products for relief? We’re talking Thigh Society all week on the Blog, so please share and comments below.


Special Thanks To Photographer Emily D, for these AMAZING Images. Check her work (HERE)


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