Our Man Crush Monday goes to the Gentleman of MiMe Design Studio

Meet the Dynamic Men behind the production company MiMe Design Studio (On the right is Daniel Husbands and on the Left is Toussaint Brown. 
My relationship with Daniel and Toussaint started way before My Blog life, I actually attended Junior High/High School with these two many moons ago.  I was blessed to have re-established a connection with them when they reached out to me to join them on an amazing show they produced a few years ago. When I arrived I looked around at the Set, the Execution, the Team work and decided right then and there that I needed these Men in my life, personally and professionally.
Since then our partnership has bloomed into digital creation, educational moments, life sharing and experience to so much more.
I cannot thank these two enough for all they have done and continue to do for me and my Brand. Daniel and Toussaint work with a level of excellence and professionalism that is unmatched and so hard to come by. As their client they prioritize and ensure to put their best in every thing they produce.
MiME DESIGN STUDIO is responsible for almost all of the graphic work pertaining to all of my business and projects, they also produced “The Canadian Confidence Video” that was launched as a Canadian Body Positive Project with a collective of many Toronto based Body Positive Activists in January 2017. Daniel and Toussaint are the brains behind the production of my YouTube channel (which I plan to return to VERY SOON!)
On a personal note, what I love about these Men the most is that they walk with a heart for God. I can feel it when I am in their presence and I watch it being executed in everything they do and how they treat those around them. Being around such loving, honest, loyal healthy Men has healed my heart in so many ways. I share a lot on social media and in my Blog about my history with abuse and narcissism. So when God led me to work with these two in 2014 it was not by accident.
I feel extremely blessed to have these two on my Team and in my life. You are true examples of the type of Men that should lead the World.
Love you both dearly.
 Here is some information about MiME DESIGN STUDIO:
MiME Design Studio is owned and operated by Toussaint Brown and Daniel Husbands. This versatile production company provides services in Graphic Design, Web Design and Video Production.  However, this Jack-of-all-trades duo also pride themselves in creating in-house #NewChristianContent that you can discover more about what they do by clicking (HERE)”
Fun Facts about this amazing Duo:
  • Daniel and Toussaint are only days apart in age
  • They officially started MiME Design Studio in 2015.
  • Toussaint started off in Graphic Design and Daniel went to school for Video Production so we both taught each other our specialties which is how we became so versatile.
  • every year they create a campaign to bring our community together socially, corporately, etc.)
  • our theme for 2018 is “Fearlessly creating legends” and we are focusing all our efforts on 5 Clients that we truly believe in (not including themselves).

Thank you T & D for being my Man Crush Everyday, you are a beam of light to your family and loved ones. You inspire those you do not even know about. Continued blessings on your Digital Journey in Ministry.

Love, Light & Blessings,


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