It was a ” Sensationnel Sunday” Indeed!

This past Sunday I had a fun time reviewing the “Empire” Collection for the Hair brand “Sensationnel.”


If you are a regular Reader of my Blog, or if you follow me on Social Media then you know a few months ago I embarked on a new Journey with my Hair. I now proudly wear Sisterlocks and I truly believe it has been one of the best hair moves I could have ever made.

I also do a lot of freelance Modeling and creative Shooting for my Brand and other projects, so it is imperative that I can bring variety to my looks from day to day. Wearing wigs is a great way to accomplish that.

Lately Blonde has been the colour of choice for me this Summer, so when I was approached to do this fun collaboration with SENSATIONNEL I reached for the platinum Blonde colour right away!!!

Known fact: *Wearing Wigs with colour is a fun and safe way to experiment with your look without having to worry about long term damage to your own hair.*


 In this post I am wearing the “Soul Curl” Texture. I found this hair to be soft, easy to manage with very little shedding which is important to me as I am a low maintenance glam kind of woman. *smiles*


I loved the Blonde Colour I chose and I think I will play some more with this colour going into the Fall Season.

***Special Thanks to Clore Beauty Supply and SENSATIONNEL HAIR for sponsoring this post***

Until Next Time My Style Mavens,

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Introducing: Blogging Tip Tuesdays!!!

Hey Fellow Style Mavens,

So I had the esteemed pleasure of speaking at a really cool event called “Curves, Class and Cocktails” hosted by Toronto based Body Positive Activist and Model Tessanie MowattI was floored by all the interest surrounding blog creation. So I decided to have a series on my Blog and on Instagram called “Blog Tip Tuesday’s.

Believe it or not I have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into my Blog and Brand The Stylish Reid. I wanted to know how the cyber industry worked and I utilized my time to work with professional coaches, attending online classes and investing to ensure I created something I loved and that is professional.

I am happy to say that the fruits of my labour are finally blossoming and my Blog is well read and acts as a source of income for my household. I want to show other fabulous individuals what to do, how to do it and do it right!

So me join me on Instagram tonight and each and every Tuesday for the next few weeks as we get into the tips, tricks and secrets of Social Media, Blogging and a little bit of Branding.

Follow me on Instagram @Thestylishreid. We go live starting tonight 9:30pm EST.

The photo below is a throwback I shot with one of my favourite retailers SexyPlus Clothing…and it’s me laughing because I’m about to bust the industry secrets wide open for you…and for free!

See you Tonight!!! *Smiles*

Curvy Black Dress


Like Water For Chocolate…

Love has been the topic of choice that has dominated my mind these last few months. I have found myself on the outside looking at many different relationships and wondering, what is it that I REALLY want?

I have Friends getting married, cohabitating, making babies and others throwing the best break up parties EVER! I wonder about relationships, why they end, why they start and just where do I fit in the spectrum? or do I even want to fit in the spectrum at all?!?! (Lemme stop playin’ I so want in on that spectrum ya’ll lol)

I recently had an amazing conversation with a good friend about some of my favorite books, I recalled one of my favorite love stories “Like Water For Chocolate” which is a popular Spanish love story written by Author Laura Esquivel.

The story is about a woman named “Tita” who is deeply in love with a man name “Pedro.” Without giving too much away “Tita” is forbidden to marry her true love due to family tradition, so she expresses her deepest love for him in her cooking.

I thought back to that Novel because it mirrors so much of how I personally express myself with love. I may not tell you everyday, but I sure hope you can feel how much I love you by the way I make you feel. (Future boo take notes zaddy *flirts*)

This outfit post is my homage to “Tita” a beautiful Spanish Senorita yearning to be with the one she loves… I can relate girl *smiles*


Photo Credit: Elliot Parrott

Outfit Details: Top is from Suzy ShIEr (Sold Out) but similar (HERE), Skirt (HERE)

***this post is not sponsored, just a simple creative look to share a fun thought***

Love and Blessings,



Break off your Relationship with Comparison…ASAP!

Comparison is the Thief of Joy” I absolutely live for this quote by Theodore Roosevelt. It describes quite clearly the negative effects comparison can have on your life, personal progress and self worth.

Up until a few years ago I lived my life always measuring it up to other people. I valued their opinions, their values and lifestyles over my own. I remember being riddled with self hate wondering if I was at all good enough. One of the areas that took a real hit was how I viewed my Body. I would compare myself to my friends or others in the modeling industry and lose appreciation for my own body. Living like that was so mentally debilitating and became a huge blocker on my life for many years.

I am grateful that is not my story today. I was fortunate enough to have embarked on a body positive journey that started 10 years ago at a local Plus Size Beauty Pageant in my City. I continue to surround myself in environments and with people that encourage my positive growth and personal self expression. Doing this feeds my confidence and silences the need in me to constantly compare myself to others. Healthy relationships and environments help me reinforce my confidence and keeps me in a space of Joy.


If you ever find yourself in a place of constant comparison, do yourself a favor and look at your surroundings and the people you let speak into your life. It may be time to do some personal inventory, just to so you can simply remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH.


Outfit Details: Jeans (Here)

Photo Credit: Elliott Parrott


Until Next Time Lovelies,



“No More Rain In This Cloud” Featuring Eshakti

So Yesterday was Mother’s Day, I was setting up to shut down all of my Social Media outlets and just live in my head all day. Losing my Mother earlier this year has left a huge hole in my heart that I can not explain.

To my surprise yesterday was pretty freaking awesome to say the least. I went to Church which I was planning to do anyway, my Pastor’s presented me with a beautiful Bouquet of Flowers. They shared a bit of my journey with the congregation and the whole entire moment made me feel like a bag of cuddly Kittens.

I then proceeded to visit my Mother’s Grave site and on the way there, my Best Friend called me and invited me out to Brunch with her family. What was supposed to be an Afternoon gathering then rolled into the Evening, we ended up back at her house laughing, talking about Life, Boys and singing along to Bruno Mars and Beyonce at the top of our lungs along side our miracle Kiddos Aniyah and Jordan.

I came home later that night with my Daughter in toe, looked around at our quiet little Apartment and smiled. It was in that moment my O I realized my life is VERY Blessed.

I have Friends that are closer than Family, I have love in some of the truest forms you can think of and each day my purpose becomes a little more clearer to me. I miss my Mother there is no getting around that, but she gave me the gift of Joy, Love and left behind an amazing Community of which I can share my life.  For that along with many other things she has Blessed me with to her I am eternally grateful. Thank you my dear sweet Mommy Angel Sonia “Elaine” Reid.  

My Mother’s Day was Lovely!!! …and I must say so was my Style!

Check out this gorgeous frilly number from Eshakti. It’s called the “Ruched Ruffle Cotton Poplin Dress”



Yes you saw correctly, this Dress has pockets baby!! Eshakti sent me this Dress earlier this year, I customized it myself which is one of the amazing features when you purchase from this company.  I was able to get the length that I wanted which makes this Dress the perfect Spring Brunch ensemble. Flirty enough to get noticed, yet professional enough for them to pay attention. Definitely one of my favourites for this season.

Right now they are offering 25% off their entire inventory!! Click (HERE) to discover your personal Eshakti style!

To get the look I featured in this post click (HERE).

***This post was sponsored by Eshakti, all opinions surrounding the product are authentic and completely my own.***

Photo Credit: Elliot Parrott

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