Less Is More…

Maybe I am getting older, or my style palate is changing but I am really feeling clean lines, less colour and more staple pieces in my wardrobe lately. Black is my preferred colour of choice these days and you may see me mix it up with Nudes, Grey, Navy blue and the occasional African Print when I want to get all Black Girl Magic on folk. I shot these looks earlier this year to help illustrate my new appreciation for well… “The power of simplicity.”

I am in love with all things minimalism lately. After watching a documentary on Netflix called “The Minimalists” I was so intrigued by the message I decided to subscribe to their podcast and then read the book all created by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan NicodemusWithout giving too much away, their entire message really moved me in a way nothing had before. Joshua lovingly shares his final memories of loosing his Mother to Cancer and how it made him re-evaluate what was truly important in his life. That really resonated with me deeply because at the time my now late Mother was really ill also and I just remembered feeling so overwhelmed with work, life and idea of working at a Job I hated to accumulate “stuff” meanwhile time was slipping away with my Mother.

I decided to take two years off work to embark on a personal healing journey and to spend time with my Mom. In those two years my income dropped significantly and I had to learn to rely on just what I needed to survive, even though my cash flow was limited I found that I was at peace and doing things that really felt good to me such as taking my Mom for walks in her wheel chair, or riding the Bus to take my Daughter to Music Class, even though I did not have the fancy amenities I had grown accustom, it helped me realize the one thing that was truly important to me and it was NOT having “stuff”…it was the blessing of good love and healthy relationships.

Sadly just as I decided to head back to work earlier this year, my Mom passed away.  Even though I miss her like crazy, I am at peace because I took the minimalist journey which gave me the quality time I needed with her.  That is why I am aspiring to continue with the a more Minimalist lifestyle. It creates peace when you shift your focus from things, to experiences and love.

Minimalism for me has really helped me re-evaluate my own life and the things I used to put value in. It has inspired me to move out of this massive Apartment I share with my only child and downsize to something more comfy, cozy, intimate and affordable. It has taught me the joy of living within my means and how much more I can enjoy life when I stop using my time to chase and attain things, but rather use my life to be a positive force or a blessing to someone else.

I can’t lie, I still fall slave to the shopping bug every now and then, but I must say my purchases have become in my opinion classical, timeless, simple yet elegant or better yet meaningful. Over the past few months I have sold/donated over 15 garbage bags of clothing. YIKES!!! I realized that I was accumulating all these “things” and loosing sight of what truly mattered in my life. Meaningful relationships with amazing humans, quality time with my Daughter Aniyah and personal and spiritual growth.

Because of this new found personal awakening, my personal style aesthetic has taken a hit and I’m not mad at! For the next while you will see my style morph into simple yet powerful…kinda like who I believe am growing to be. *Smiles*


Thanks for letting me share some of my Journey with you, feel free to comment, share or ask questions, I’m here for it all.

Until Next Time Loves,


This entire you look is from Canadian Plus Size Retailer Addition Elle. This look is not sponsored and it is completely styled by me. 😉

Photo Credit: Elliot Parrott


EEEEEEPPPPPP I was featured on National Television!!!

Hey Lovelies,

First of all I want to apologize, It has been too long since I have opened up my WordPress but this year has started off pretty crappy. My Mother Passed away February 16th, so I have been taking some much needed time to digest all of that.  She had been battling an aggressive form of Parkinson’s Disease for the past 7 years and though I have been with her on that journey, mentally it has been really hard to watch her struggle and fight this thing. I will definitely share more about this in the future.

Earlier this year, I had an amazing opportunity to be featured on A National Television Show CBC “The Goods“, I was featured along side two other amazing Blogger Babes of whom of which I admire Karyn from The Blog Killer Kurves and Sarah Anne from The Blog BigHipRedLips.

We were given an incredible opportunity to talk about our Blogs, Plus Size Fashion, Body Confidence and Style Tips for the Fuller figured Body. I personally had an amazing time meeting the Cast of “The GoodsAndrea Bain, Steven Sabados, Jessi Cruickshank and Shahir Massoud Darren Voros.

Thank you to everyone at CBC for this lovely opportunity.

I have to take this moment to thank a team of people who donated their time, product, and  clothing, so generously  to help me look amazing for this appearance.

Special thanks to Loretta Thomas of LA Thomas Hair, My hair is completely natural and I wanted a sleek look Black Girl Magic look for the show and she lovingly gave her time and creativity to ensure I looked incredible so thank you so much for that Loretta.

Another Huge thank you to my Outfit Sponsors for helping me pull together this Daytime professional look as requested by the Show. This Gorgeous crop pant suit is from PRIMAALA and my Blouse and Shoes are from Long Tall Sally (Both locations can be found here in Toronto or you can shop their incredible inventory online.)


To check out this fun filled episode featuring Yours truly, please click (HERE) TIP: Skip to about 30 minuets if you just want to catch my segment…Tehehe!!!


Until Next Time Lovelies,




A Very TiVoglio Valentine’s with Pennington’s

Hey Loves,

I got the chance to do a fun collaboration with Canadian Plus Size Retailer Penningtons recently.

Please click the link below and share your thoughts. The right Bra is ESSENTIAL before choosing your outfit. Let me show you some of my Favorites from Penningtons.

Read More: (HERE) 🙂



Until Next Time Loves,



Throw Back Thursday!! Body Positive or Not…

Hey Loves,

I asked my straight sized friend what she thinks of when she hears the term “Body Positivity“? She said “Fat Women in Lingerie!!!” I wasn’t even mad when she said it, I have asked a few others who seem to agree. That is really sad that after all this time, Body Positive is only seen as Fat Women fulfilling chubby chasing fantasy. But in all honesty, we do use the hastag quite frequently to justify posting pictures of ourselves in skimpy clothing.

As if we need some type of political term or rights of passage to feel good about ourselves. Look at me! I’m Body Positive, please do not laugh, Scoff or Judge me..I have a message here!! …Sounds pretty apologetic doesn’t it?

I will have to dissect this theory more in a later post.

Well, I’m just sharing some images I took last year that I like, No Body Positive banter other than the fact that I think I’m pretty freaking beautiful and it is unfortunate that at the time these photos were taken, I did not feel that way.

I was styled in Lingerie and Fur for a very fun collaboration with Amadora Designs Jewels and Pheline Couture.


As much as I have promoted body positivity, I honestly had to step back from it recently and reexamine what that really means to me. When I shot this campaign last year, I was just in the midst of being treated for Clinical Depression. I ate a lot of comfort foods to get through that time and my body had gained a significant amount of weight that year. I smiled for the cameras, but inside I did not feel as confident as I wanted my Photos to portray.

I was praised and “reposted” everywhere for these images, even landed a spot on Centric TV for it. But my inside did not match what was being seen on the outside.


I am so grateful I feel differently now! And I am not going to justify this post for approval by stamping it in the name of just Body Positivity! I think the images and styling were so fun and creative. It was honestly one of the best collaborations I worked on that year. Plus Sized Woman are fabulous, Stylish, Sensual, Creative and we do not have to slap an apologetic message on all our posts in order to display that.

We should just live like the fluffy unicorns we are, without regret and justification. Body Positive or Not..just be Amazing and shine your light. The will either join or turn but either way you shine girl and you do not have to be politically correct all the time to do it!

So here’s to another fat girl in Lingerie. My you share, like and repost this image out of sheer disgust or praise. Honestly I don’t care! I like me and that is all the matters.

Until Next Time Lovers,

Outfit Details:

Body Suit by: Addition Elle

Fur by: Pheline Couture

Jewelry by: Amadora Designs Jewels

Photographer: Robert Skuja

Modeled by: An unapologetic Baddie…that would be Me! and feel free to print screen this and share in your group chats, and while you are at it…save me as the wall paper to your phone too *smirk*





Curvy fashionista

Love Notes

Hey Lovelies,

Happy New Year!!!! Man, it has been a hot minuet since I have opened the back end of my WordPress and shared a thought or two, but life has literally been one crazy roller coaster after another. It seems the general conciseness with everyone was that 2016 was an overall horrific year for most, would you agree?

The Dark Angel of Death took a lot of people last year including a slew of celebrities, I can not even begin to tell you the year I have had. But I will say this, there were a lot of wins, and a lot of losses. With my losses came life long lessons in which I am eternally be grateful for.

Starting with the Top of 2016, I led out a Fashion Campaign featuring RUE107, I was featured on a slew of media outlets including CentricTV, The Curvy Fashionista and CBC just to name a few. Visibly you would think everything in my World was awesome and for the most part I am just grateful for every good, new and positive experience in my life. They are priceless and continue to give me opportunities to grow, so for that I am thankful.


The coming of a New Year usually brings for me a sense of New Beginnings, having the hope of 12 new months to work at a dream, rectify the past or just to experience something new is so gratifying to say the least. This possibility brings such a renewed sense of hope to me, I can not help but feel an overwhelming sense joy as I begin to explore and prayerfully navigate this chapter of my life journey. 2017, what can I expect from you this year?

The only promise I plan to make this year is to love myself a whole lot more, to appreciate myself more and to encourage others to do the same.

Curvy Fashion

So here’s to a Happy New Year Friends!

Be rebellious,  and relentless in the voyage to  love yourself more  this year even if the World tells you otherwise.

Photo Credit: Tejaiadams@gmail.com