A Very TiVoglio Valentine’s with Pennington’s

Hey Loves,

I got the chance to do a fun collaboration with Canadian Plus Size Retailer Penningtons recently.

Please click the link below and share your thoughts. The right Bra is ESSENTIAL before choosing your outfit. Let me show you some of my Favorites from Penningtons.

Read More: (HERE) 🙂



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Throw Back Thursday!! Body Positive or Not…

Hey Loves,

I asked my straight sized friend what she thinks of when she hears the term “Body Positivity“? She said “Fat Women in Lingerie!!!” I wasn’t even mad when she said it, I have asked a few others who seem to agree. That is really sad that after all this time, Body Positive is only seen as Fat Women fulfilling chubby chasing fantasy. But in all honesty, we do use the hastag quite frequently to justify posting pictures of ourselves in skimpy clothing.

As if we need some type of political term or rights of passage to feel good about ourselves. Look at me! I’m Body Positive, please do not laugh, Scoff or Judge me..I have a message here!! …Sounds pretty apologetic doesn’t it?

I will have to dissect this theory more in a later post.

Well, I’m just sharing some images I took last year that I like, No Body Positive banter other than the fact that I think I’m pretty freaking beautiful and it is unfortunate that at the time these photos were taken, I did not feel that way.

I was styled in Lingerie and Fur for a very fun collaboration with Amadora Designs Jewels and Pheline Couture.


As much as I have promoted body positivity, I honestly had to step back from it recently and reexamine what that really means to me. When I shot this campaign last year, I was just in the midst of being treated for Clinical Depression. I ate a lot of comfort foods to get through that time and my body had gained a significant amount of weight that year. I smiled for the cameras, but inside I did not feel as confident as I wanted my Photos to portray.

I was praised and “reposted” everywhere for these images, even landed a spot on Centric TV for it. But my inside did not match what was being seen on the outside.


I am so grateful I feel differently now! And I am not going to justify this post for approval by stamping it in the name of just Body Positivity! I think the images and styling were so fun and creative. It was honestly one of the best collaborations I worked on that year. Plus Sized Woman are fabulous, Stylish, Sensual, Creative and we do not have to slap an apologetic message on all our posts in order to display that.

We should just live like the fluffy unicorns we are, without regret and justification. Body Positive or Not..just be Amazing and shine your light. The will either join or turn but either way you shine girl and you do not have to be politically correct all the time to do it!

So here’s to another fat girl in Lingerie. My you share, like and repost this image out of sheer disgust or praise. Honestly I don’t care! I like me and that is all the matters.

Until Next Time Lovers,

Outfit Details:

Body Suit by: Addition Elle

Fur by: Pheline Couture

Jewelry by: Amadora Designs Jewels

Photographer: Robert Skuja

Modeled by: An unapologetic Baddie…that would be Me! and feel free to print screen this and share in your group chats, and while you are at it…save me as the wall paper to your phone too *smirk*





Curvy fashionista

Love Notes

Hey Lovelies,

Happy New Year!!!! Man, it has been a hot minuet since I have opened the back end of my WordPress and shared a thought or two, but life has literally been one crazy roller coaster after another. It seems the general conciseness with everyone was that 2016 was an overall horrific year for most, would you agree?

The Dark Angel of Death took a lot of people last year including a slew of celebrities, I can not even begin to tell you the year I have had. But I will say this, there were a lot of wins, and a lot of losses. With my losses came life long lessons in which I am eternally be grateful for.

Starting with the Top of 2016, I led out a Fashion Campaign featuring RUE107, I was featured on a slew of media outlets including CentricTV, The Curvy Fashionista and CBC just to name a few. Visibly you would think everything in my World was awesome and for the most part I am just grateful for every good, new and positive experience in my life. They are priceless and continue to give me opportunities to grow, so for that I am thankful.


The coming of a New Year usually brings for me a sense of New Beginnings, having the hope of 12 new months to work at a dream, rectify the past or just to experience something new is so gratifying to say the least. This possibility brings such a renewed sense of hope to me, I can not help but feel an overwhelming sense joy as I begin to explore and prayerfully navigate this chapter of my life journey. 2017, what can I expect from you this year?

The only promise I plan to make this year is to love myself a whole lot more, to appreciate myself more and to encourage others to do the same.

Curvy Fashion

So here’s to a Happy New Year Friends!

Be rebellious,  and relentless in the voyage to  love yourself more  this year even if the World tells you otherwise.

Photo Credit: Tejaiadams@gmail.com


Curvy Fashion

Casual n’ Chic with a Sexy Little Peek Featuring SexyPlus Clothing

What I’m wearing…

Crochet Top by Point Zero Curvy sold at SexyPlus Clothing (HERE)

Distressed Jeans by Point Zero Curvy sold at SexyPlus Clothing (HERE)


Summer is almost over, literally 18 more days left of this good weather here in the Greater Toronto Area. I have to admit, I am super upset about it as the sunshine has been therapeutic for me this year. So much has happened in Summer 2016, and I will share more details in a later post.

I have been on leave from my full time Job this Summer and because of that there has been a huge rediscovery with the casual part of my personal style. There has not been much need for heels this Summer as my main focus was exploring different towns in the province of Ontario where I live. I have had the chance to visit areas such as Picton, Coburg, and Lakefield just to name a few. A lot of these towns have smaller populations, or they are based on the Farming community. No need to glam up there, which was great because it forced me to reconnect with a more relaxed and comfortable side to my style… with my own sprinkle of chic of course. (smiles)

I was recently contacted by SexyPlus Clothing to style a few looks from their inventory, In keeping with my new relaxed style vibe I hastily pulled out my converse to pair with my creativity. My goal with this post was to showcase another side to this retailer. SexyPlus Clothing, is definitely living up to their name lately, offering a diverse selection of sex y head turning summer dresses to keep you date ready all year long. But what about the girl like me, who is a fairly young and trendy Mom, newly engaged or married and just wants to look cute while bonding with her child/children for the Summer.

Well that is definitely my currently life story, which is why I love these distressed Bermuda style shorts from Point Zero Curvy and this cute lace butterfly style top also from the Point Zero Curvy collection.

You should hurry over to www.SexyPlusclothing.com as quantities are very limited for these items. In this post I am wearing a 1x in the Top. Point Zero is usually very true to size, and I wear between a 2x-3x depending on the make of the item. I am also wearing a size 16 in the Shorts. I will admit the fit on the Shorts fair very small and it was quite a workout to get into, so I would recommend you size up when purchasing this item.


You have two whole weeks left for the Summer Season here in North America, use these next few weekends to get into your casual and chic style.

Special thanks to Stef from SexyPlus Clothing for these fun and amazing images to help me share my story.

Until Next Time Lovelies,

Stylishly Yours,


the fuller woman Health and Beauty Expo

The Fuller Woman Expo is THIS WEEKEND!!!! Have you snagged your Tickets yet????

Hi Lovelies,

For those of you who may not know, I am the official Blogger for an amazing Body Positive event taking place right here in my home town of Toronto, Ontario called The Fuller Woman Expo. I am here to share with you all the fun Bopo friendly events taking place and The Fuller Woman Expo which is happening this coming weekend July 15-17 is one  you do NOT want to miss.

Think about it, 3 entire days of Body Positivity, Fun Social interaction and a chance to meet and greet with the events special guest TLC’s own Whitney Way Thore


So here’s a break down of this weekends festivities:

This Friday July 15th, 2016 kicks off this weekends festivities with the “No BS Boat Cruise


We will be boarding the Yankee Lady Yacht at the Toronto Harbor downtown Toronto at 6:30pm promptly, and setting sail 7:00pm sharp!

Expect to have an entertaining evening of dancing, fashion, food and of course fun as we kick off the weekend in style.

Click (HERE) for Tickets.


Day 2: “The Miss Fuller Woman” Competition,  Saturday July 16, 2016.


tumblr_o9lge3NI1Y1tctspso1_1280 (1)

Join us as we cheer on 11 amazing contestants as they work for the 2016 Title of “Miss Fuller Woman“, expect an entertaining Show filled with Dance, Spoken Word and so much more. These women have been in training for weeks embracing who they are, over coming personal obsticals for this very moment and we get to join them on the last leg of this journey.

It all happens this Saturday at The Fairview Library Theater located at 35 Fairview Mall Road in Toronto.

Tickets are on sale for $25.00 Please Click (HEREfor yours.

Day 3: “The Health & Beauty Expo” Sunday July 17th 2016!!!

So much will be packed into this day so you really do NOT want to miss this!!

TLC’S Whitney Way Thore will be doing an official signing of her book “I Do it with the lights on.


We will also be hosting the first EVER!!! “Curvy Couch” Discussion Panel featuring some of Canada’s Favorite Body Positive Babes and Plus Size Fashion Bloggers such as…

Amanda from the Blog Latest- Wrinkle.


Judy and Gail from the breakout size inclusive Blog Fab Four Fashion.



and many others will be joining ‘The Curvy Couch” discussion.

Also the we will be having a Blogger Closet Sale happening at the Expo too..shop the closets of some of your favorite fashionistas including me!!!

Blogger Sale

July 17th, 2016 at The Health & Beauty Expo will be a Jam packed day!!! You DO NOT want to miss out. To get your tickets for The Expo or for all three events happening this weekend, please click (HERE).


Can’t wait to see you this weekend, look out for more updates on the Blog or log on to www.thefullerwomanexpo.com for more details!


Until Next Time Lovelies,