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The Succulent Six Have Arrived!!! Mama we made it!!

My Journey to Body Positivity formally started in 2007. I was a new Mother, I had just went through a horrible break up and I was alone and unsure of myself. I remember being in the basement of my parents home checking my email when I received an invite to try out to be a contestant for a pageant I had applied to be apart of two years prior.

I eagerly Auditioned for the Miss Canada Plus Pageant, there I met my now good friend Ivory and the rest shall we  say is history or (her-story) if you will.  Through that Pageant experience jump started a slew of personal and professional discoveries for me. One of which is my journey to self love and a more positive outlook towards my body.

So when I was approached by Ivory  in 2016 to join her along with 5 other amazing women on a mission to spread the message of self love, to end fat/food shaming and much more, I hopped all over it!

And just like that May 6th, 2016The Succulent Six” were born.

food fight shot

Since then our crew lost a member, Julia A.K.A. “Dirty Dottie Doughnuts” moved on to pursue her own business and we are so proud of her accomplishments thus far.

As for the rest of the Crew we were blessed with the opportunity to film an original series produced by General Purpose Entertainment and showcased on the CBC life network.  If you are in Canada you can watch the series by logging on to or by downloading the CBC App for free.



For our International Friends, you can watch us on YouTube every Tuesday clicking (HERE)

The YouTube release Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 2pm EST each week:
March 6th, 2018 – “Fat Girls Can Jump”
March 13th, 2018 – “Big Love”
March 21st, 2018 – “Fashion+”
March 28th, 2018 – “Don’t Be A Boob”
April 4th, 2018 – “Into The Deep”

About “The Succulent Six“:

Our team of “pseudo-superSHEroes” were formed on International No Diet Day 2016, united on a mission of body acceptance. We like to challenge each other by taking on special missions that push us out of our comfort zones and champion self-love in all shapes and sizes. With our new series, we invite the viewer to come along with us as we partner with a special guest ”Succulent Sixth” to get out of our comfort zones, and complete missions that champion self-love in all shapes and sizes.

Please share your thoughts surrounding the series, we want to hear from  you.

Please follow “The Succulent Six

On Facebook:

On Instagram: @Thesucculentsix


Until Next Time Style Mavens,





Our Man Crush Monday goes to the Gentleman of MiMe Design Studio

Meet the Dynamic Men behind the production company MiMe Design Studio (On the right is Daniel Husbands and on the Left is Toussaint Brown. 
My relationship with Daniel and Toussaint started way before My Blog life, I actually attended Junior High/High School with these two many moons ago.  I was blessed to have re-established a connection with them when they reached out to me to join them on an amazing show they produced a few years ago. When I arrived I looked around at the Set, the Execution, the Team work and decided right then and there that I needed these Men in my life, personally and professionally.
Since then our partnership has bloomed into digital creation, educational moments, life sharing and experience to so much more.
I cannot thank these two enough for all they have done and continue to do for me and my Brand. Daniel and Toussaint work with a level of excellence and professionalism that is unmatched and so hard to come by. As their client they prioritize and ensure to put their best in every thing they produce.
MiME DESIGN STUDIO is responsible for almost all of the graphic work pertaining to all of my business and projects, they also produced “The Canadian Confidence Video” that was launched as a Canadian Body Positive Project with a collective of many Toronto based Body Positive Activists in January 2017. Daniel and Toussaint are the brains behind the production of my YouTube channel (which I plan to return to VERY SOON!)
On a personal note, what I love about these Men the most is that they walk with a heart for God. I can feel it when I am in their presence and I watch it being executed in everything they do and how they treat those around them. Being around such loving, honest, loyal healthy Men has healed my heart in so many ways. I share a lot on social media and in my Blog about my history with abuse and narcissism. So when God led me to work with these two in 2014 it was not by accident.
I feel extremely blessed to have these two on my Team and in my life. You are true examples of the type of Men that should lead the World.
Love you both dearly.
 Here is some information about MiME DESIGN STUDIO:
MiME Design Studio is owned and operated by Toussaint Brown and Daniel Husbands. This versatile production company provides services in Graphic Design, Web Design and Video Production.  However, this Jack-of-all-trades duo also pride themselves in creating in-house #NewChristianContent that you can discover more about what they do by clicking (HERE)”
Fun Facts about this amazing Duo:
  • Daniel and Toussaint are only days apart in age
  • They officially started MiME Design Studio in 2015.
  • Toussaint started off in Graphic Design and Daniel went to school for Video Production so we both taught each other our specialties which is how we became so versatile.
  • every year they create a campaign to bring our community together socially, corporately, etc.)
  • our theme for 2018 is “Fearlessly creating legends” and we are focusing all our efforts on 5 Clients that we truly believe in (not including themselves).

Thank you T & D for being my Man Crush Everyday, you are a beam of light to your family and loved ones. You inspire those you do not even know about. Continued blessings on your Digital Journey in Ministry.

Love, Light & Blessings,



Ya Girl Got Featured in Flare Mag!! Look At God! *Smiles*

Body Positivity is not about a destination! You do not just wake one day and all of a sudden you love your Body, Not even!

It is a Journey! a conscious decision you make daily to be kind and more gentle with yourself flaws and all. It has no Timeline. For some it takes days, others months, for me it took  many years. To be honest I am still on my Journey.

I received an opportunity to share my personal thoughts surrounding my insecurities I have had to face and still face with regards to my own body in this months edition of Flare Magazine Online.


Please Click (HERE) to check out the Article that features myself along side 14 other amazing Canadian Body Positive Babes bravely sharing their truth about the Journey.

Special Thank you to Author Laura K Grady for the feature.


Until Next Time My Style Mavens…

Love, Light and Blessings your way,



It’s Travel Tuesday!! Let’s do Jamaica in 72 hours!!!


Yep! 72 hours, you read it right!

Last Wednesday I decided to go to Jamaica, I booked the ticket Thursday, and was on the Plane Friday. Crazy? some may say so, but if you follow me on Social Media, you know the opinions of others has little to no recourse on how I live my life. Proudly doing me since 1983! *giggles*


A fun getaway sounds like the most logical thing to do when having to endure the intense beating of these Northern Winters here in Canada. Jamaica is a great remedy for what is known as the “Winter Blues” which I suffer from.

This year has been particularly tough mourning my late Mother Sonia “Elaine” Reid. January 21st, 2018 would have been her 66th Birthday.

It has been tough processing this entire journey I have faced with her over these past several years, watching her become ill, to  losing her independence, then her ability to walk, speak, eat and then eventually losing her life. She had a wish list when she was sick, one of them was to visit Jamaica one last time. She never made it, so this trip I took was for her. I did the things she would have done if she were alive and well today.

So I decided to go to Jamaica to connect with her love, My Dad.


Spending time in her place of Birth, smelling the Air, feeling the Sun on my Skin, connecting with the people who knew and loved her made me feel closer to her.

My Mother was Fun, full of life and was loved by everyone who knew her, so visiting her resting place for me was not the best way to commemorate someone so majestic and beautiful in my eyes.

I wanted to do something fun, light yet sentimental. So I packed her favourite Hat and brought it with me to the Beach…


I put it on my head, wrote her birth date in the Sand, told her I loved her, and then set the hat free in the Sea.


As I continue on what I affectionately call my “Healing Journey,” I have realized a few things:

1) That mourning truly comes in waves, it is not linear. A few weeks after my Mother passed away I was working on Projects, taking Trips and not really feeling the pain of her loss.  Fast forward to almost a year and I now find myself quiet, withdrawn at times and reflecting on her often. It truly is a process, a Journey and I am no longer obsessed with the destination.

2) I realize that my Mother left me a number of legacies which I now cherish, one of which is the gift of Community. Surrounding me are Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, Church Members, Acquaintances and so much more. She made it her duty that my Siblings and I had a loving circle around us that is still a huge part of my life today.

3) Time is so precious and limited. I decided the next 35 years will be dedicated to living a life of purpose, creating and living in peace. More growth, healing and try to be a blessing to others. Living my life exactly the way Mom did and would have wanted me too.


The Journey Continues…

Fun Travel Tips for All Parents, Proud Autism Parents and anyone planning on bringing the Kiddo’s on a fun excursion.


I am a PROUD AUTISM MOM! My Daughter Aniyah is 12 and to be honest she is one of my favourite traveling buddies. This kid is literally down for anything!..As long as she is fed and notified pre and during travel! lol

So here are some Fun Tips I have learned to keep Aniyah engaged and happy when traveling.

  1. LET THEM IN ON THE PLANS:  I no longer assume her comprehension level simply because she communicates differently than I do. I have a conversation with her about the itinerary, I show her photos, tell her step by step what we are doing, where we are going and who we plan to see. By doing this it makes the transition easier for her and I find it minimizes any possible outbursts or behaviors that may have occurred otherwise. Aniyah is just like everyone else, she gets anxious when she does not know that plan, so including her and updating her is VERY important if we both want to have a good trip.
  2. HAVE YOUR SNACKS/SNACK MONEY ON DECK: This is not a game! I am not sure what the eating habits are for your child/children, but my Kiddo does NOT play games. She expects 3 meals + snacks no matter where we are, so it is imperative I plan ahead, pack something for the road and keep her hydrated.
  3. ELECTRONICS CAN BE YOUR FRIEND: I ensure Aniyah’s Ipad is charged, her favourite shows are downloaded and that apps are updated and ready to go! Most parents can relate to this, I am a firm believer in the tablet/Ipad ministry…it is a life saver.
  4. ENGAGE AND MAKE A GAME OF YOUR ADVENTURE: I try to book window seats when flying with my Daughter, she gets such a kick out of watching the Plane take off, looking at the shapes below etc. We point at objects, I try to get her to draw a picture or spell/write what she sees. Usually when we get home, we have a huge map that and we do fun reviews of where we travelled. Aniyah has an amazing memory so when we travel together I know I will be hearing about it from her for years to come. Traveling with her is my way of connecting to her, and it works. She seems to enjoy our time away together so now I have decided to make it an annual tradition.


JAMAICA IS HOME, I may not be born there, but everytime I go it fills me in ways I can not explain. 72 hours was not enough time, but gave me just the right amount of warmth I needed to kick my winter blues in the face, recharge my creative juices and reflect on a Woman I will forever love…My Mommy.


***Special mention goes to Monique Hughes from Globe Chasers International. Monique is now my new Travel Agent, she helped me book my getaway from start to finish! She even provides Airport pick up and drop off making the entire experience simple, easy and stress free.

Contact her directly for your next getaway:


Until Next Time My Style Mavens…

May Love, Blessings & Light come and stay your way,




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Come Join Us This Sunday!!! December 17th 2017 Issa Sip N Shop Event!

We’re at it again!!!! The Stylish Sip N’ Shop Series
Please join myself along with Amadora JewelleryAsili Naturals Skincare & Unforgivingly Pur. beauty inside Taste So Good Restaurant for a fun Sunday afternoon of shopping, socializing and yummy delectables this Sunday December 17th, 2017 2pm-6pm.
Also we are having an in-house raffle for a $25.00 gift certificate courtesy of Uplifted Bra Services
Come for the Fashion, Stay for the Treats.
Special Discounts and Incentives will be gifted from some of our vendors, you really do not want to miss out!
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Thank you for your continued support and I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.
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 Special Thanks to our Sponsors for your ongoing support with “The Stylish Sip N Shop Series”
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