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Come Join Us This Sunday!!! December 17th 2017 Issa Sip N Shop Event!

We’re at it again!!!! The Stylish Sip N’ Shop Series
Please join myself along with Amadora JewelleryAsili Naturals Skincare & Unforgivingly Pur. beauty inside Taste So Good Restaurant for a fun Sunday afternoon of shopping, socializing and yummy delectables this Sunday December 17th, 2017 2pm-6pm.
Also we are having an in-house raffle for a $25.00 gift certificate courtesy of Uplifted Bra Services
Come for the Fashion, Stay for the Treats.
Special Discounts and Incentives will be gifted from some of our vendors, you really do not want to miss out!
Please click the link below to RSVP! First 25 to RSVP and come will receive $25 off of their Stylish Apparel purchase.
Thank you for your continued support and I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.
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Please click below to RSVP! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


 Special Thanks to our Sponsors for your ongoing support with “The Stylish Sip N Shop Series”
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My Style Secret Weapon!!

I was in GREAT denial when it came to the topic of “Thigh chafing!“I did not want to discuss it or admit it was something I suffered from.  I remember some of my Friends would openly talk about their struggle with chafing all the time, I would listen with empathy but coin it as only “their” issue.


Truth is, I just did not want to admit there was yet ANOTHER FAT ISSUE, attached to my identity. I never heard smaller sized Friends talking about thigh chafing, so of course in my mind it had to be a “FAT BODY” thing! So I simply ignored it.


Yes, you read right. I ignored it! I consciously ignored the Burning, the Blisters, the Sores, and the Pain until eventually my inner thighs developed a Callus….yep! not cute kids! That Callus then came with a gang of other issues. I then became insecure about my inner thighs due to the discolouration between them and so on. This ongoing self hate cycle went on for years!…until recently.


A few months ago one of my “Succulent Six” Sisters told me about Thigh Society, aa few weeks after that conversation I was gifted the opportunity to do a promo campaign with them. Since then I kid you not, I now love this product!!!


Thigh Society is an Anti chafing slip short designed to provide relief for Thighs that like to touch. Through working with this brand I have now come to realize that “Thigh Chafing” is not just a ‘FAT BODY’ issue, it is a “HUMAN BODY” issue. People of all shapes and sizes experience immediate relief after using this product.


I am all the way here for their new caramel colour (featured in the photo above).

Do you experience Thigh Chafing? If so, what are your go to products for relief? We’re talking Thigh Society all week on the Blog, so please share and comments below.


Special Thanks To Photographer Emily D, for these AMAZING Images. Check her work (HERE)


Until Next Time Style Mavens,




Casual Friday with Penningtons

Hey Hey Style Mavens!

I teamed up with Canadian Plus Size Fashion Retailer Penningtons to bring you my version of the “Canadian Tuxedo” with an embroidered twist!


I am wearing the “D/C Petite Slightly Curvy Fit Embroidered Straight Leg style” Jeans from Penningtons. This Fall Embroidery is back in a MAJOR way!!! Oh you do not like Flowers? oh well, this season’s style forecast is full of them.

My Readers and Supporters have given me mixed reviews regarding the embroidery trend, I personally am all about trying new things and testing the limits with my personal style. So I decided to take my own advice and “Get into it!”


I can honestly say Penningtons has stepped up to be the life giver to the Plus Size Jean wearer! My last 4 pairs of Jeans have all come from Penningtons. The Fit, Quality, Style and Sizing is incredible and I was elated to collaborate with them on their amazing new Denim Campaign.


Check out their amazing promo video featuring Akira from “Pretty Big Movement” Below:


Special Thanks so Stef & Rochelle for your photography skills and editing! Love you ladies to the moon and back!

Until Next Time Style Maves,


Love and Many Blessings,




It was a ” Sensationnel Sunday” Indeed!

This past Sunday I had a fun time reviewing the “Empire” Collection for the Hair brand “Sensationnel.”


If you are a regular Reader of my Blog, or if you follow me on Social Media then you know a few months ago I embarked on a new Journey with my Hair. I now proudly wear Sisterlocks and I truly believe it has been one of the best hair moves I could have ever made.

I also do a lot of freelance Modeling and creative Shooting for my Brand and other projects, so it is imperative that I can bring variety to my looks from day to day. Wearing wigs is a great way to accomplish that.

Lately Blonde has been the colour of choice for me this Summer, so when I was approached to do this fun collaboration with SENSATIONNEL I reached for the platinum Blonde colour right away!!!

Known fact: *Wearing Wigs with colour is a fun and safe way to experiment with your look without having to worry about long term damage to your own hair.*


 In this post I am wearing the “Soul Curl” Texture. I found this hair to be soft, easy to manage with very little shedding which is important to me as I am a low maintenance glam kind of woman. *smiles*


I loved the Blonde Colour I chose and I think I will play some more with this colour going into the Fall Season.

***Special Thanks to Clore Beauty Supply and SENSATIONNEL HAIR for sponsoring this post***

Until Next Time My Style Mavens,

Yours Truly,



Introducing: Blogging Tip Tuesdays!!!

Hey Fellow Style Mavens,

So I had the esteemed pleasure of speaking at a really cool event called “Curves, Class and Cocktails” hosted by Toronto based Body Positive Activist and Model Tessanie MowattI was floored by all the interest surrounding blog creation. So I decided to have a series on my Blog and on Instagram called “Blog Tip Tuesday’s.

Believe it or not I have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into my Blog and Brand The Stylish Reid. I wanted to know how the cyber industry worked and I utilized my time to work with professional coaches, attending online classes and investing to ensure I created something I loved and that is professional.

I am happy to say that the fruits of my labour are finally blossoming and my Blog is well read and acts as a source of income for my household. I want to show other fabulous individuals what to do, how to do it and do it right!

So me join me on Instagram tonight and each and every Tuesday for the next few weeks as we get into the tips, tricks and secrets of Social Media, Blogging and a little bit of Branding.

Follow me on Instagram @Thestylishreid. We go live starting tonight 9:30pm EST.

The photo below is a throwback I shot with one of my favourite retailers SexyPlus Clothing…and it’s me laughing because I’m about to bust the industry secrets wide open for you…and for free!

See you Tonight!!! *Smiles*

Curvy Black Dress